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TROQ ELECTRONIC CO.LTD is a privale enlreprise,specialized in designing,researching,producing and saleing quarlz crystal unit.The headquarters of the Company Iocated in Jinhua and posses a cerlain scale of research and producing base,and the annual produclion is 150 million.Company has a good repulalioh in cuslomers for its best qualily,rapidly delivery,resonable price and good service.Meanwhile,the company has eslabfish exceilenl cooperation relalionship with many multinational corporations.
    TROQ has cerlifed in ISO9001 and lSO14001,AIl of the products are pb—Free.With the development of the electronic products,TROQ is able to meet the requirement of the customers both domestic and abroad with good quality.In order to communicate and service the customers conventiently,we estalblished a branch office in Shanghai.We belive in that with TROQ"s mature sales and service network,we can provide the satisfied service to the customers in short time.

Product Information :
• DIP:HC-49SType、HC-49S/SMD Type、HC-49U Type 、HC-49SM-4 Type DIP Quartz crystal.
• SMD :GLASS 8045Type、5032Type、3225Type SMD Quartz crystal.
• SEAM 7050Type、6035Type、5032Type、3225Type、2520Type 、2016Type SMD Quartz crystal.


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