Company Profile

Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd. (“Holy Stone”) was founded and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan in 1981. After years of development, Holy Stone has more than 1,600 employees across the world.
Of all the electronic components suppliers, Holy Stone is one of the few which not only owns sales and marketing channel for both active and passive components, but manufactures its own products. Factory in Longtan was built in 1999, producing MLCC under house brand and merchandising with custom skills throughout the world ever since. Taking pride in meeting various needs of diversified clientele, Holy Stone has built trust, credibility and long-term relationship with customers. On top of a manufacturer, Holy Stone also serves as a semiconductor components agent, partnering with world-class suppliers, providing total solutions and a wide range of components, and initiating operating value for clients.

Product Information
• Low-voltage high-capacity product line :1uF以上X5R,X6S,X7R,X7S (6.3V~50V)
• Medium-voltage high-capacity product line :1uF以上X7R, X7S, X7T,X6S, X6R(50V~100V, up to 10uF)
• High-voltage low-capacity product line :HVC-X7R, NP0 (100V~10000V)
• Low temperature drift coefficient ,Low Bias material:X7P
• SMD Type UL60950/X2 and X1/Y2 Safety certified capacitors
• Multilayer ceramic capacitors with soft terminal technology (Super Term)
• (NP0/C0G) Ceramic capacitors
• Stacked multilayer chip ceramic capacitors

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